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Hol… February 7, 2008

Posted by ZaQ in Gak Jelas, Personal, Readings....
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…iday yaaay :p

well, not quite :p Why someone dabbling in the IT world doesn’t know about a very basic and simple thing like primary – foreign key and indexes is way beyond me… *curses and expletives censored*

Anyway been reading, rereading, watching and rewatching things, first of all, neal stephenson writes good stuff, neil gaiman excels at telling (not-so-long) stories, george r. r. martin needs to release his next book soon. Legacy of the force crumbles and rips at the seams, only two books left though… that’s some consolation at least…

Next up, Gondry + Kaufman combination is godly (is that a word?), Guillermo del toro and Alfonso cuaron, still two of my favorite directors as for new movies, denzel washington basically plays the (almost) same guy in every movie… kinda like morgan freeman, russel crowe is very versatile because he can underplay and overplay his character, claire danes isn’t capable of emoting very well but she sure can sit/stand/etc and look pretty while doing it, oh and depp gives me a reason to think twice before going to the barber, although he underplays Sweeney Todd, rickman and helena bonham carter gives more flavor to that movie IMHO. Oh yeah, atonement starts off great as a drama/redemption movie, both mcavoy and knightley (to a lesser degree) gives good performances, redgrave is good too (of course) but the latter part drags a bit :p

The last movie I watched was ‘Into the Wild’, and it was good, also scary and haunting at the same time, probably not worth your time if you’re part of the (hoi-pollloi or sheep take your pick) who absolutely must have action in their movie though *wink wink* :p

Up next is, Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men, Kite Runner and Charlie Wilson’s War woohoo :p



1. aldi - February 7, 2008

your. longest. post. ever.

2. rei - February 8, 2008

i have to check, and re-check, and re-check.
so this is really your post, you big fat chubby one.. more than 2 lines! 😀

jak yu sak lol

3. amir karimuddin - February 8, 2008


4. ZaQ - February 11, 2008

e buset xD

5. rdhee - February 11, 2008

“who absolutely must have action in their movie though *wink wink* :p”

ah ini pasti nyela gue nih xP


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