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Influ… February 17, 2008

Posted by ZaQ in Gak Jelas, Personal.

…enza is just a small thing really… really small… really… annoying xD

No cure for the common cold indeed, this… disease impairs your work capabilities, perception, judgement, social life (as if I have one xD) and the most insidious aspect is… it spreads easily, and the spread effect can be circular you know.. like:

  • a infects b
  • b infects c
  • a gets better (hurray)
  • c infects d
  • b gets better 😀
  • d infects a 😦
  • and so on.. you get the idea

Rest… oooh rest… sweet, peaceful, rejuvenating and dreamless sleep…





1. Amir Karimuddin - February 18, 2008

wah.. panjang lagi..

2. ZaQ - February 19, 2008

not quite, by the by congrats mir :p

3. rdhee - February 20, 2008

jak jak, perasaan kalo kasus elo itu

a infects b
b gets better
a infects c
c gets better
a infects d
d gets better
a infects b again..
etc etc


Oh iya mir, congrats xD

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