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Era… October 3, 2008

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…gon gets worse -_-”

The first book has little character development, but since it was just the start of the series, then it’s okay I guess, we need some time to establish the locations, good un’s, bad un’s etcs, in essence, the groundwork for the continuation of the series… IMHO it borrowed too much from fantasy archetypes without expanding them too much to make it interesting, see Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces or for geeks, Star Wars xD

The second… should be an improvement right? No… still lacking character development, and it got twists… that you can see coming from a thousand miles away… IMHO the plot is very predictable, and to get to the finish line you have to endure too much pointless things along the way… but it’s probably just the case of me being annoyed at the main character(s). But to me, the worst part of the second book is the almost instantaneous transformation of the said main character(s) to be an uber cool hero. I don’t mind people changing, but the way it was conveyed here is just… I don’t know, it doesn’t felt right xD

The third book… it’s full of everything that makes the first and second well… not bad probably, just average… and it ups the ante with lame politics, people fawning and worshipping and getting all gushy (okay I’m probably exaggerating here) at the main character(s). And ooooh it got moral dilemmas… kind of (Was it wrong to kill this guy etc etc, next chapter oooh battle! slay kill maim slash dismember etc) doh…. And it doesn’t end at the third book like the writer promised.. noo…

And don’t get me started on the movie -_-”

To sum it up, the series started as an average fantasy-archetype novel, probably intended for younger children, then it gets worse xD




1. mahli - October 3, 2008

tumben, zaki actually menulis sesuatu 😛

2. aldi - October 3, 2008

hore! gak jadi beli ah! pinjem punya orang saja 😀

3. aldi - October 3, 2008


4. ZaQ - October 4, 2008


@mahli: lah selama ini gw selalu menulis koq 😛 one liner tapi :p
@aldi: joih, this book has ‘borrow, don’t buy’ written all over it xD, better yet, baca yang lain ajalah, his dark materials atau bahkan magician’s guild trilogy juga lebih bagus 😛

5. Rinaldi Sahputra - October 7, 2008

ih ada jaki


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