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Thi… October 4, 2008

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…eving is good… wait… that came out wrong xD

Actually what I wanted to say is, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is good… very good indeed 😛 (What are you talking about? this book came out like 3 years ago, you’re so.. late xD). After the disappointment that wasBrisingr, this book has brighten up my holiday 😛 Okay so I was late in getting this book.. so what? xD

It’s a story about a girl living in an impending WW-II Germany, she’s a book thief who will soon learn the power of words from the book she stole, and the story is told from the point-of-view of Death. Well… that about sums it up actually, without giving away anything 😛 I have to admit, the pov is a bit… jarring… but IMHO you’ll get used to it quickly because the story is very interesting… no, scratch that… the story is very very… endearing 😀 At least for me, I invested a lot of emotion with the characters in the book, and that’s saying a lot I guess 😛 (or it was just the case of extreme rebounding from Brisingr… anywaayy….)

I personally think this book will be a great read for teenagers to adult, children will find the themes (death, war, not so much for the literature and friendship bit though :p) a bit too serious (I found this book on the children section though… imho it’s strange xD), although it was presented in an almost whimsical way (because Death… has seen all I guess :p), and if you haven’t read it, then you’ll be missing a very good read. Allright, I think I have to stop before the hype and gushy praise kills you all xD

So I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story, especially those who likes book that has heart-err… moving themes? 😛 Better than A Thousand Splendid Suns, and IMHO on par withTo Kill A Mockingbird




1. aldi - October 4, 2008

jaki lagi nganggur!
somebody please give him something to do!

2. ZaQ - October 4, 2008

book reading is fun! xD

3. melasari - October 7, 2008

reminds me of R.O.D, an anime bout someone who has power controlling paper 😀

4. ZaQ - October 7, 2008

Hoo what’s that? Haven’t heard of that one before 😛

5. Rinaldi Sahputra - October 7, 2008

jaki sux

6. ZaQ - October 9, 2008

limited vocabulary is a sign of limited intelligence 😛

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