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Mich… November 6, 2008

Posted by ZaQ in Readings....

..ael Crichton passed away at the age of 66.

Here is an author that introduced me to the world of science fiction. I distinctly remember reading Congo in 1994, and although the novel never became one of my favorite, I still remember it quite clearly. The next novel from him that I read was Jurassic Park in 1995 (I’ve watched the movie by then), and his use of documents, diagrams, charts, etc (fabricated or otherwise) to provide some background to his novel(s) fascinates me so much that I began fervently scanning shelves on every bookstore for his works. This leads me to Sphere (I thought this one was kinda… weak), Airframe (thought it was too technical and stuff… but you know I was probably only 14 at that time, later on when I reread this one, I think I loved this one better than any other of Crichton’s works), The Andromeda Strain (quite creepy) and The Great Train Robbery (pretty good) just before Indonesia imploded in 1998 xD. The economic meltdown stemmed my er.. feverish impulse buying spree at least until 2002 when I finally bought and read Prey (quite good, it has genetic programming, which is hawt sauce), then Timeline (not quite able to like this one), and of course State of Fear (like) and lastly Next (like it better).

How did this author paved my way to sci-fi nirvana? By a combination of 28.8 us robotics modem and the magic of phone line (sorry mom and dad for the hiked up phone charges), I started to search for essays, reviews and discussion about Crichton’s works and through that, I was able to find the works of Arthur Clarke (2001, Rama), Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers, Strangers in a Strange Land), the multitude Star Wars EU novel(s) (okay.. this is more like space opera than sci-fi… so what? xD) and Orson Scott Card (Ender series). And for all of this, and more it is in my humble opinion that this author really rocks 😛 Thank you for all the sleepless night(s) (and day(s)), here’s hoping that I can get my hands on your last title (to be published posthumously in 2009) and may it give me some more sleepless night(s) and/or day(s).




1. ndin - November 6, 2008

Timeline is my fave!

2. ZaQ - November 6, 2008

I really tried to like that one, but was unable quite to do it, although it’s not a bad novel per se 😛 actually, in general I find it hard to like stories where time-travel takes the central stage, with the exception of back to the future and harry potter three 😛

3. aldi - November 6, 2008

Jurassic Park!

ok, I think that’s it.

4. ZaQ - November 7, 2008

not even.. the lost world? 😛

5. rifka - November 12, 2008

nah gwe, not … at… all =P
ga bisa bersaing ama lo jak, beda dimensi

6. ZaQ - November 17, 2008

dimensi apa volume rip? xD

7. AIR - November 28, 2008

A Death In Vienna…
seru juga.. 🙂

8. ZaQ - November 28, 2008

wah belum pernah baca 😛

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