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Mir… November 28, 2008

Posted by ZaQ in Gak Jelas.

…acles or rather, the lack of it :p

The recent hubbub of presidential election in a foreign country left me confused. Especially when the hubbubers (I totally made that up) consists of people from another country… strange :p When questioned about this, some replied that it’s not about the election circus itself, but it’s about the message and inspiration of hope that one of the candidate for the election radiated. Some even went further to claim that it was a miraclous win. Right. It doesn’t really take a genius to see which one is going to win that one lol, he had the money, the right backing and the right buzz word :p

When people are fed up with a status quo, they tend to flock to whatever things opposed to mainstream thinking, it satisfies the rebellious side of human. 1930-ish Germany is in a state of economic meltdown, one candidate promised change, radiated hope and inspired belief from the people. Now I’m not saying that the situation right now will end up like the past (although of course, history repeats itself ad infinitum :p), what I’m saying is that, it’s easy to charm, even employ demagougery to the people, especially when they’re emotionally invested in the situation.

So was that such a miraculous thing? How is it more miraculous.. how is it more inspiring compared to some teacher in a ‘developing’ country managing to keep his/her school afloat and keep on teaching, believing in his/her student and somehow still surviving with less money per month than the highest paper bill in said country?

If you truly need to see miracles, or inspiration, go rent a dramatized movie (lol) or better yet, be that miracle, be that inspiration, work for it, because hoping for it won’t work :p

Child: Mom I’m hungry, can I eat something?
Mom: Unfortunately no, but let’s HOPE that tommorow we will have something to eat (continues watching soap opera)


Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts (Q.S. 13:11)




1. Zidni Agni - November 28, 2008

tumben isinya ‘agak’ bermutu jak 🙂

2. ZaQ - November 28, 2008

wak wak wak, lagi males nulis zid xD *kebalik*

3. amel - December 13, 2008

ayaahhh… ^^

4. ZaQ - December 15, 2008

apa ini xD

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