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Re… January 30, 2010

Posted by ZaQ in Gak Jelas.

…membering Palladium. It was about I guess… 7 – 8 years ago? I vaguely remembered pitchforks were raised, effigies were burned and veiled threats and curses were muttered. When the concept (well except for the bitlocker thing) stuttered and later (it would seem) discarded, there was much rejoicing.

And then we have the ipad, apart from some juvenile snickering about the name and the fact that you can’t watch lolcats or play flash games on it (or can you?), is this a start of a disturbing trend? This kind of device will mostly satisfy an average web user needs, and considering the average web user is a very large portion indeed, will other companies start to emulate the closed nature of the platform, and start delivering applications and contents through some kind of a central point of distribution? because the next step would be… profit xD

Well anyway, the apple market share is not large enough… yet :p so maybe the point is moot, but the trend looks… interesting to say the least :p




1. mahli - January 30, 2010

tumben panjang…

2. ZaQ - February 1, 2010

frustrasi ngoding xD

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